Anything I can do, you can learn too

Know of manga/comics-crazed group of youngsters who whave the beginnings of the talent but could do with a leg up? Struggling with getting your students to open up and participate in english, literature or art classes? Perhaps you just want to treat them to a fun and creative day that’ll still end in them gaining valuable skill.

As a growing literary and entertainment medium in the UK, Manga has taken over the youth demographic by storm. This popular Japanese storytelling artform has managed to get even the most rebellious teens reading again, and in some instances, drawing too.

Whatever your requirement, you’ll be in capable hands :). With over 10 years experience both in the field professionally and giving workshops to schools, colleges and libraries in the UK and abroad;  you and yours will be up and drawing in no time!

So, have a wee gander at the current workshops I offer and if any suit your needs, I’ll be more than happy to discuss further with you.

How to Draw Manga/
Character Design (Beginner level)

An interactive workshop on drawing  characters/portraits in a manga style. The masterclass includes step by step mini tutorials along the way. It is suitable for absolute beginners, and manga enthusiasts (or their parents!) who are curious about the manga craze and want to know wHERe to begin in drawing their favourite manga characters ~__^

Unleashing Creativity Workshop

How often is it that you find yourself or people you’re working with bemoan that they’re just “not creative”; or “can’t think of anything”? Sound familiar?

If you wish to blast open the path to thinking outside of the box and coming up with solutions even despite a firmly lodged aristic block, then this is the workshop for your group.

No previous drawing skill necessary.

Storytelling Techniques

You have a character and a story in your head. But how do you tell it in a visual manner that is both cLEAr and enGAGing? Introducing the time honoured silent comics – How to tell a story without words (by shOwing rather than telling); pacing, timing.

Including both interactive and immersive excercises that’ll make participants rEALly think and view their stories from different angles resulting in unexpected ways to tell a narrative : >

Manga/Comics Multi-Day Course

The ultimate comics and Manga course for enthusiasts truly interested in upping their game to the next level in all aspects from Character design to storytelling to achieving a professional finish to their completed work. The course is designed to touch on all aspects as well provide one to one mentoring sessions and resources.