Past Events

Malta Comic Con 2015

Dates: 4th-5th December 2015

Location: Magazino Hall, Valletta Waterfront

I had the absolute pleasure to attend as a guest what was ,arguably, Malta’s BEST to date (as per the organisers’ words!) comic con!

I was as much blown away by our hosts’ aMAZIng hospitality (here’s to the Chris’s in particular!) as by the BEAUTIFUL and absolutely sTUNNing country that is Malta.

Never had I attended an event so punctuated by friendliness, love and passion for the artform; and I was humbled thoroughly by the attentive and eager con visitors.
Here’s looking at you for 2016 Malta Comic Con!!

Egypt Comix Week

Dates: 2nd-8th November 2015

Location: Various Locations around Cairo

Seldom does my passion for comics spike as when I meet young arab comic artists through whom I get a direct and bright ray of hope for the future. That may seem like a bit of an exaggeration but I assure you that isn’t the case.

I was invited as a guest for Egypt’s second incarnation of its’ comix week, in partnership with the British Council and Sefsafa Publishing House. There, I gave a week’s worth of workshops to an eager and inspiring group of youths and whom gave back as good as they got.

I leave having thoroughly fallen in love with Egypt and its people

Keep writing and drawing, Egypt, and thank you for having me!

Hyper Japan Christmas Market

Dates: 27th-29th November 2015

Location: Tobacco Dock, London

Oh Man, Hyper Japan we meet again :’DDD
Thank you to all of my customers, new and old, who come over time and time again for their manga portraits. It’s always a pleasure to chat and catch up with you and draw you your new and udated versions! It truly is my honour : >>>

See you all at some point this year inshallah ^___^!!

Lakes International Comic Arts Festival

Date: 16th-18th October 2015

Location: Kendal Clocktower

Out of all the cons in the UK, this has to have been the friendliest by far! Moreso as an exhibiting comic artist :DD We were plied constantly with teas, coffees and all forms of snacks – 5 star treatment in comparison to the tiny cramped aisles of MCM!!! ^-^!!! The visitors were SO lovely and I finally fINALLY got to meet comicsandcola ~__^
A momentous and happy con all told!
Might not be able to make it for 2016 but the love was felt and shared. Kendal you beautiful <3333!

ILM Arts Festival!!!!

Dates: 30th August 2015

Location: Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, Malaysia


What an honour

I dont think I’ll be able to recover for at least another year. Like a mis-delivered dream I was struck with the honour to guest at this international celebration of all that is Muslim talent.
Featuring the BEST in a vASt array of fields ranging from Spoken word, poetry, photography and design to artistry, skateboarding, beatboxing and even BOXing, Kuala Lumpur put on a HECK of a show!

More on this in a post I’ll be putting up later inshallah
I’m still reeling from that amazing experience. Subhanallah .. so amaze..


Dates: 23rd-27 September 2014

Location: Villa 77, Lot Benhaddadi, 16002 Cheraga, Alger, Algeria


Upon my return on the comics scene .. Heck, I would say, FIBDA is what kickstarted my second awakening.
I was thoroughly humbled to guest at this wonderful eveny – my first at an arab country.. and much as I try to think of words to thank one of the most inspiring characters I’ve met to date Monsieur Melikian Laurent ( if you ever come across this .. I’m still unsure which is your first name and which is the second! *laughs** I’m terrible I know)

I had the good fortune to meet some outstanding local writers and artists as well as international – I have a LOT to write about my perceptions and perhaps I’ll break this off into it’s own post soon in detail.. but still .. this was a LANDmark in my life.
**contemplates silently for a couple of minutes**