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Oxcon this weekend! (And my talk at 4pm Sunday..!)

Heyyheyyyy calling all Oxford dwellers! : )!

This weekend will see comics, artists, manga and cosplayers desCEND upon the Examination Schools on High street! With an impRESSive array of curated guests, artists and exhibitors – and a SOLD OUT event (though I hear some on-the-day tickets will be available from 2pm onwards) – it’s set to be a sCORCher! ^-^! (even though it’s snowing tonight – woop woop! : DD!)


I, myself, (apart from doing Manga Portraits on the day(s) ) will be giving a talk on SUNDAY at 4PM! :>

The title is Manga as a language 
“Following the semi recent influx of manga into the UK comics scene, it has since gripped youth by storm; largely overtaking and reshaping the comics and convention scene on the ground. However, Manga has a far more powerful potential than just shallow entertainment. What impact has Manga had on Japan and the world? And how can we use that language to make an impact right back?”

So, if this sounds like it appeals to you, feel free to drop by and ask any questions you may have : >>>!

See you there : D!!!


In Conversation at Bare Lit Festival

Bare Lit Festival is a new literature festival for writers of colour debuting this year over three days this February!

I have the honour of joining Kelly Kanayama, the scholar/critic Kelly Kanayama from Women Write About Comics; and fellow comic creator RAMZEE on a panel discussing comics in a global context, what it means to be a creator or critic of colour, and how comics can empower marginalised voices.

Drop by on Sunday 28th, if you have a chance in London’s Farringdon Road at the Free Word Centre : >>

Can’t WAIt to meet other writers/artists; as well as going elbows deep into this topic!


See you there? ~_^

Peacepeace and a warm cuppa


Comic Creatrix – Women Comic Artists ahoy! أكبر معرض لرسامات القصة المصورة!

I’ve had the huge hUGe honour to be amongst the 100 ladies whose work House of Illustration is exhibiting in what is the UK’s largest exhibition of its kind yet. 
Featuring works from leading and pioneering women (*will ALWAys fangirl over Posy Simmonds’ work** ;-; ) ranging in forms from newspaper strips to webcomics and award winning graphic novels, the exhibition is exHAUstive.

I first started truly poking my head into the UK comics scene back in 2004; visiting the Annual Bristol Comics Con (at the time tHE biggest, and one of the only regular comic event in the UK); and was struck by how small a footprint we as women have. That has since changed massively and rapidly. I was also later to learn about the rich UK Girls Comics tradition that had, unfortunately, been allowed to die- hopefully to be resurrected again triumphantly with the strong comeback that women and girls are making on the comic arts scene.

I can hardly contain my excitement to see, read, and experience the many angles of life as different creators share through their writing and art. Many I know of already, but many more I still don’t; but I’ll incline my head in respect and support to all those who pick up the pencil and join the journey :>!

The Exhibition is currently on till 15th May 2016, 10:00am – 6:00pm

On display from mY work are two pages of my Graphic Novel: Ewa

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions of the exhibition with me ^__^!

Peace and a warm cocoa

السلام عليكم –

تشرفت مؤخرا باختياري للمشاركة في معرض بعنوان  أهم ١٠٠ رسامة وكاتبة في بريطانيا: وقد ضمت اثنين من لوحاتي الى الفن المعروض في المهرجان. تكمن أهمية المهرجان في كونه أكبر معرض لكاتبات ورسامات القصة المصورة بينما يتم التركيز في العادة في مثل هذه المعارض على أعمال الرجال. ويتضاعف الشرف في أن أمثل صوت حبيبتي ليبيا في اللوحتين اللتين أعرضهما – فكلتيهما من قصتي المصورة التي تدور أحداثها في أزقتها ومرابيعها.
موقع المعرض في لندن في ويستمر حتى الخامس من مايوKings’ Cross  “House of Illustration”
تفضلوا بزيارة المعرض ان أحببتم وسيسعدني معرفة ارائكم وانطباعاتكم عنه!

والسلااااااام :)!



*NEW* Baseerah: Journey to Sight Exhibition جديد* معرض “بصيرة*

It delights me to announce the imminent opening of my new upcoming Exhibition at Norwich Arts Centre; debuting the beginning of a new Manga series of mine – serialisation details to be announced at a later date.

“Of a possible endless selection, pre-determined chance decrees the initial eye that opens for each new incoming soul. Some spend their whole lives content with their one eye. Others lead paths that open consecutively more.

In a polarised post apocalyptic world, where fierce racial segregation is law; Baseerah’s raw desperation grants her a chance to retrieve what’s lost. To do that, she must trade her eyesight for hope on the quest to open a Thousand Eyes.”

The opening night kicks off with a talk I’ll be giving at The Norwich Arts Centre on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are available for that through This here Portal

The Exhibition runs from Thursday 25th February 2016 Until 9th April 2016 and is FREE to view! ^___^!

Hope you enjoy : D!

Peace peace, as always ~_^



No way – it’s LIVE?!!! O___O! (Welcome : D!)

Salaam! Peace ! Hi! :D

Welcome to my (Asia’s) website – FINALLY >_<!
It’s been saying “coming soon” for Ages I know, but it’s finally finally here. And inshallah, I plan to keep it up to date with all sorts of events, announcements, and sneak peeks at works in progress
Feel free to say hello back, and, hopefully, you’ll enjoy the works that’ll be appearing all over the site : ))

Also – don;t forget to check the events coming up – it’ll be lovely to see you guys in person, too : D!

Peace peace and see you around! ^____^!!